Cricova Winery is a pearl of the vinification of Republic of Moldova. Founded in 1952 in a former limestone mine, the winery holds over 100km of underground labyrinths with a ideal natural microclimate for the production and maturation of high quality wines. The winery is proud of a large range of sparkling wine according to the French method "Champenoise" and quality wines from grapes grown in the most favourable wine areas "IGP Codru" and "IGP Valul lui Traian".


Proud of the rich History

As a symbol of quality, the winery has been appreciated during the years at world’s top wine competitions with over 500 awards and exports in over 30 countries around the world. The National Wine Collection from Cricova underground galleries preserves remarkable wines and the famous collection of Hermann Goring that includes a unique bottle in the world "Jewish Easter" from 1902.